Springs and paddings

Inox lamellar springs cod.25000

Thanks to the innovative anchorage system and larger base surface, TENAX lamellar band offers higher resistance against the roller’s crushing pressure on the chest.

Coil springs cod.25200

Coil springs in galvanized steel thread, available both soft and hard Height: from 6mm to 16mm Width: 13-16mm.

Steel wool cod.20600

Medium titration steel fibre wool, great thickness and very compact texture, 5kg rolls Width: 100 mm

Inox steel wool cod.20700

Medium titration Inox aisi 316 steel fibre wool, great thickness and very closely woven texture, 5kg rolls Width: 100mm

Steel net cod.20800

Steel net used as anchorage padding for the steel wool, 10kg rolls Width: 100 mm Height: 10mm