Our history

Vitesse was founded in 1987 as a family-run business to produce accessories for industrial laundries. Since its very onset our goal has been to produce the most important accessories for laundries: mangle coverings, laundry guide tapes, cotton belts for folders and belts for feeders. With the passing of time Vitesse also started to market the whole range.

In 1991 Vitesse launched the Tenax stainless steel lamellar spring, an innovative product developed by the company-owner. Thanks to the innovative anchorage system of the spring to the perforated band, it marked a major breakthrough compared to the traditional springs on the market. This new system was patented and shorty afterwards it was launched both on the national and international markets. Hence the cooperation with several top-performing companies of the sector, allowing the company to become established worldwide. In 1995 a new line allowed the company to develop the conveyor belts line, which was further honed though the introduction of new reel cutting machines, allowing the company to always avail ex-stock of any type of belt, in any height and length.

In the 2000 the conveyor belts division developed further thanks to the collaboration with Chiorino spa, a leader in the sector. The collaboration with Chiorino became increasingly productive, until Vitesse became their official distributor.

Vitesse is constantly growing and developing innovative solutions, our goal being to always come up with pioneering products to meet all our clients’ needs and to effectively assist them, be they machine manufacturers, dealers or end-users.