Accessories for steam

Pressure reducing tools

Self-operated steam pressure reducing valves, specially developed to adjust the pressure in the steam distribution networks. They are successfully used in laundries to adjust the steam pressure feeding washer extractors and continuous batch washer machines and all the laundry machines requiring low pressure steam.
They guarantee a long working life and very low maintenance. Calibration pressure varies from 0,1 to 20 bar and is available in all diameters, from 15 to 100ND (nominal diameter).

Steam traps

The steam traps are successfully used in industrial laundries to drain the condensate produced by ironing mangles, dryers, calenders and steam-powered laundry machines. Mechanic (float and inverted bucket), thermostatic and thermodynamic types available, with gas threaded ends and flanged ends, and three pressure calibrations up to 4,5bar, 8,0bar, 14bar.

Steam valves

The steam detection valves are available in cast iron NP16- cast iron NP25- stainless steel NP40. They are equipped with stainless steel bellows seal and are particularly suited to manage the steam distribution systems in industrial laundries. They are maintenance-free, available with flanged ends, nominal diameter from 5 to 200.

Suction pipes for high temperatures

In coated fiberglass fabric with silicone at two sides and with spiral in prestressed steel wire.
Diameter: from 19 to 305mm.
Thermo-resistance: up to300°C