Technical Accessories

Vacuum gauge cod.24350

This tool is used to measure the aspiration inside the mangle rollers
It allows to constantly check the perfect functioning of the mangle in terms of production and quality. A decrease in the aspiration would allow humidity to settle on the rollers, thus eliciting a drop in the mangle’s performance.

Thermometer cod.51000

Digital contact thermometer to measure the temperature in the chests and in the condensate traps. It is equipped with double entry and it allows, by means of two probes, to perform differential measurements and to detect possible temperature drops in two different spots.
Temperature: from 50°°C to + 200°C
Resolution: 0,1°C
Precision: +_ 0,5°C +_ 1%
Feeding: 9V battery 9V

Flexible measures cod.45100

They measure the circumference and diameter of the rollers of the mangle. Their special millimetre scale allows measuring both sizes in a single reading.
Produced in stainless steel, with diamer from 300 to 700mm - from 700 to 1100mm - from 1100 to 1500mm

Tachometer cod.51100

The digital contact tachometer allows measuring the speed of the mangle with utmost precision.
Thanks to a microprocessor, it is possible to perform measurements by means of the supplied roller directly on the mangle roller or with prods in different diameters on the roller’s axle. Measuring range from 0,2 to 19.999 r/min, from 0,02 to 3.000 m/min.
Precision: +_ 1 r/min
Resolution: 0,1 rev 0,01 meter
Feeding: four 1,5 V batteries